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Contemplating Israel…

Thursday’s shocking airliner tragedy over the Ukraine reminds us that no one can hope to soar above the conflicts all around us. We are part of this world for better and for worse, intricately linked with those we know and share our lives with, and with those we’ve never met. We have to face evil if we are to overcome it; and no one can do that alone.

You Are Not Alone. We’re in this life together. In these sad and terrifying times, violent death comes to many innocents. We are not alone as we struggle to sort out our sense of sadness, of frustration, and of responsibility–as Americans and as Jews. As Jews we are part of  the People of Israel; the land of Israel is our Homeland; the State of Israel is the current political expression of that part of our family that lives there.

Seek out your Jewish community. Gather with the rest of us to mourn tragedy, to fight despair, and to encourage hope. Attend public gatherings of your Jewish community to hear from leaders; engage an Israeli acquaintance in conversation to hear first-hand accounts, not just international media; visit your local synagogue to find articulate voice for your emotions and thoughts.

We Are One Jewish People. We are many disparate voices but one beloved community, and kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh, “all Israel are responsible for each other”. Don’t try this at home alone; find your place in our community. Together we will find a compassionate way forward for each of us and all of us. Come, and be part of the story; engage, and be part of the answer.

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