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Torah Scribe Rabbi Joel Newman to visit August 21-24

And we have a second Torah!

We’re excited to host Rabbi Joel Newman as a very special guest at the end of the summer.
A scribe, a teacher and a former Navy Chaplain, Rabbi Newman guided us in the acquisition of our new scroll. We look forward to welcoming him as he brings our new Torah and repairs our old one.

Erev Shabbat: Celebrating Shabbat and Torah
Join us for a kirtan erev Shabbat with JD Kleinke as we begin our weekend of welcoming our new Torah scroll. Learn about the history and mitzvah of writing a Torah scroll from a certified Torah Scribe, Rabbi Joel Newman.

August 23rd at 10:30am-Shabbat Re’eh: Come and See!
Re’eh, the name of our Torah parashah on August 23, means “see!” Instead of regular Shabbat morning Tefilah we will have a special morning of Torah celebration; we’ll hear a Torah teaching from Rabbi Newman. We’ll get a first peek at our new Sefer Torah. Join us for a bit of learning, singing, and share a special kiddush lunch afterward.
August 24th at 2pm- Shir Tikvah Celebrates Torah -Come participate in a rare traditional ritual used only to bring a new Sefer Torah to its place in a congregational family. All ages are invited to gather to observe the final work to be done on the scroll, and to join us in escorting it with song and dance to its place in our Ark, and in the center of our religious community’s life. Witness the actual sewing of the parchment onto its wooden rollers!

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