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By The Shore of a Western Sea

  A gender rebalanced, egalitarian interpretive translation of the traditional Daily Siddur, the Jewish prayer book for weekdays. Print on Demand: Order yours now Join author Miles Hochstein and Rabbi Ariel for a test drive. Wednesday, November 9 at  7:00 pm Jewish prayers are usually communal, but sometimes we daven(pray) alone. This book is meant to help you explore those times. Each prayer... Read more →

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A Word About Jonah

A last bit of wisdom lingering from High Holy Days: Leslie Dolin’s d’var Torah about a runaway prophet, a giant fish and sackcloth.     The haftarah we will soon read, Jonah, comes as a welcome relief at this time of the day. An entertaining story to keep us awake on this long afternoon of fasting and prayer. A runaway prophet, a storm at sea, a giant fish, plants that grow and disappear overnight – lots of fun, and also lots of room for metaphorical interpretation. And of course, there is even Jonah’s very short prophecy, just a few words out... Read more →

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