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We Will Outlive Them

In 1939, an eyewitness recounted, a group of Jews from the Polish city of Lublin were assembled in an empty field outside the city and ordered by a local Nazi commander by the name of Glovoznik, to sing a song. One of the men began singing Lomr Zich Iberbetn, but with “Ovinu shebashomayim” – “Our Father Who is in heaven” – taking the place of the original song’s second line, Shtel dem samovar –“set up the hot water urn.” So what he sang, poignantly, was: “Let us reconcile, our Father in heaven.” Glovoznik was not happy with the song and ordered his men to beat the Jews, which they happily set about doing. Then, though, according to the witness, a voice among the Jews shouted out “Mir veln zey iberlebn, Ovinu shebashomayim,” “We will outlive them, our Father in heaven.” And then others joined in singing the new refrain, loudly defiant, scoring a victory

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Hazak hazak v’nithazek

We are in mourning. We will grieve our dead. We will not give up our vision for a humanity united in peace. hazak hazak v’nithazek, be strong and let us strengthen each other.

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Erev Shabbat At Home on 10/12

No Friday night services at Shir Tikvah – we’re all taking a breather after the High Holy days. We’ll see you as normal for Torah Study, Shabbat Storytime and  Junior Minyan on Saturday morning.

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Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue

“Like many of us, the more normal moments of my or any human life were punctuated regularly and powerfully by the horrors our current Federal government is causing in our nation and in the world. As Jews we’ve been called upon regularly by our conscience as by our social justice organizations: תרדוף צדק צדק tzedek, tzedek tirdof: “Justice, justice you shall pursue”. The FULL TEXT of Rabbi’s Ariel’s Drash for Erev Rosh Hoshanah.    

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Minhagim (Customs) for the High Holy Days

Rosh HaShanah 1. wear white 2. on Rosh HaShanah day, wear your tallit 3. wish others a Shanah Tovah Tikateyvu (May you be written for a good year) or a Good Yom Tov 4. eat something with honey on it as a sign for a sweet year 5. hear the shofar (if you can’t make it to shul, email us and we’ll arrange to have a shofar brought to you to hear) Ten Days of Awe During the week between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur it is traditional to consider one’s actions, and to seek forgiveness from others when we realize we’ve wronged them. If you specifically ask someone for forgiveness, and you are sincere, if it should happen that the other does not forgive you, you are quit of the sin, and it now belongs to them. It is not a good custom to say to someone “if I have hurt you in

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Rabbi’s Elul Message this Week

Shalom Shir Tikvah community, Last week’s Elul email contemplated teshuvah translated as “repentance.”  Teshuvah is also translated as “return.” This meaning is derived from the Prophet Jeremiah’s plea in the Book Eikha, “Lamentations.” The book is an account of the destruction of Jerusalem and the exile of the Jewish people. They stream down the road, homeless immigrants looking for safety and shelter, for peace. Among the final words of the book, we read hashiveynu, “return us”:   הֲשִׁיבֵנוּ ה’ אֵלֶיךָ וְנָשׁוּבָה, חַדֵּשׁ יָמֵינוּ כְּקֶדֶם. Bring us back to You, HaShem, and we shall return; renew our days as at the beginning. (Eikha 5.21) Hashiveynu – “cause us to return,” or, “help us to do teshuvah.” We sing these words at the close of every Torah ritual, and if you are feeling poignant, it is a moment to think of losses: innocence, optimism, the belief in a place of safety and certainty. Thinking of them and longing for them is the human condition that

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Eastside Jewish Commons Update

Dear Eastside Jewish Commons Community, It’s been a busy summer for the Eastside Jewish Commons. Over the last three months, we took an extensive look at one possible property—a historic building with a lot of potential. Our architects evaluated short term and longer term costs as well as zoning restrictions. We also involved in the due diligence process a number of current and potential investors in the Commons. In addition we involved our community Partnership Panel, which includes 14 community organizations. After evaluating all of the information about this property as well as the feedback from the many stakeholders, we have decided to expand our property search. In particular, we need to make sure there is a strong alignment between the EJC community-identified service priorities and the zoning, size, cost, and long-term sustainability of the property we eventually select. We have learned a lot through the due diligence process. We have

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Venue Change for Shabbat Morning

Shir Tikvah is on the move… Join us for Shabbat prayers at a different location. All are needed to make the minyan Morning Services @ 10:30 am Coopers Hall 404 SE 6th Avenue Torah study will take place as usual at Shir Tikvah at 9am Shabbat morning with Rabbi Ariel No services at Shir Tikvah.

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Read in Rabbi’s name on August 4th

Read at the Counter Protest to the fascist rally in downtown Portland on August 4th:   Friends, comrades all, I greet you with appreciation and with love. I am unable to be with you this day, for on the seventh day we Jews believe we are commanded to cease from the activities of our week, and to offer that day up to G*d as a gift of thanks for the gift of life. But know that I am with you with all my heart and spirit on this day. Once again, those of us who are able and those of us who care are called forth to stand up and to proclaim that hatred, bigotry and violence are unacceptable on the streets of Portland Oregon. Once again we must rise up to declare that we will not allow bigotry to be bused in. We will not be silent when hatred

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No Erev Shabbat services

Due to extreme weather, we are canceling Erev Shabbat services. We want all of our congregants and their guests to stay cool and healthy, so there will not be evening services at the synagogue on Friday the 27th.

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