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This erev Shabbat

We will be busting out some wonderful new – or new for us, anyway – Shabbat music this Friday night…including a funky, Sephardic “L’cha Dodi,” and Reb Aryehz’l’s now eternal “Wings of Peace.” Come hear Rabbi’s Dvar Torah on ‘Israel: Myth, Reality, Ongoing Challenge’. It will be your opportunity to learn a bit, think a bit, and ask a few questions about Israel. See you Friday!

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Congregation Shir Tikvah’s Annual Nashira Project Kabbalat Shabbat Dinner 6:30 pm Friday May 20 The Madeline Atrium 3123 NE 24th Avenue Join us for: Kabbalat Shabbat Blessings and Songs We’ll gather as our entire Shir Tikvah Community to celebrate Shabbat, our teachers, and the Mitzvah of Learning. * there will be no Tefilah at Bridgeport this evening * Potluck Assignments:  (Dairy Vegetarian only) Salad A-D Main Course E-K Side Dish L-R Dessert S-Z Please bring your beverage of choice–water and coffee provided RSVP to the office at [email protected]

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Dream along with us about what Shir Tikvah can be…

From Rabbi Ariel and the Steering Committee: Our kehillah kedoshah is growing! Congregation Shir Tikvah is now 8 years old and growing! And in our eighth year, we find ourselves needing to focus on our future. In the past, our congregational community has considered the big questions together; we want to do that again. In the past, we have gathered in small groups in each other’s homes, or in groups self-selected after an Annual Meeting, to talk about our hopes for Shir Tikvah’s growth, and to share our own values and priorities for our spiritual community. This time we are taking it to the next level: We’ve formed a special Atid (“Future”) Task Force to craft the process We’re using the cutting-edge conversation exercise called World Café Our aim: to lift up the insights which the Steering Commitee will use to inform our 5-year action plan. That plan will include

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The Spiritual Practice of the Seder – don’t let it be the same old thing again!

Click here to see some ideas for preparation and practice – meditation, physical work and Seder awareness – to deepen the meaning of the ancient rituals and help us explore their relevance for our own spiritual growth.

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Congregational Seder Coordinated Potluck

Come to the Shir Tikvah Congregational Seder Coordinated Potluck The Madeline School Atrium 3123 NE 24th Avenue, between Fremont and Knott Tuesday April 19–the Second Seder, 15 Nissan 5771 Doors open 6 pm–Seder begins at 6:30–Meal to follow Choose a dish to prepare from the list on our website. Pick a second dish as well—you must confirm with the office to make sure your first choice is needed! If you don’t cook, fear not—there are other ways to participate. Call us at the Shir Tikvah office. Pick up a half-pan chafing dish from the shul for each hot dish (or buy your own: link with description) RSVP to the office at [email protected] or call 503.473.8227 and we’ll confirm the dish you plan to bring, or ask you to make something different. Let us know the dish and the number of people you are bringing by Friday, April 15 Bring your

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Mitzvah Garden Work Party Sunday April 3 at 12:30

The next event for our Mitzvah Garden is a work party designed to get our food production spot in tip top shape! On the agenda: mending a couple of the existing raised beds; constructing a potato tower or two; weeding the beds and paths; and laying the groundwork for a kids’ Pizza Garden. Sunday April 3 is the place and 12:30 is the time! Wear appropriate clothing and bring work gloves and gardening tools if you have them. And extra brownie points for anyone that shows up with any gardening implement made from stone!

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Purim Saturday/Garden Meeting Sunday

Come Join the Fun Saturday March 19 at Bridgeport *********** 4-6 pm Singing, Purimshpiel, Costume Parade and Annual Hamentaschen Bake Off! Wear your costume for the parade! For the Whole Family! *********** 7-9 pm Adloyada—‘Until You Don’t Know’ (Don’t know what? Come and find out!) Megillah reading-BYOMegillah, Wine or other Beverage and a Nosh Adults only! Adults who come in costume to either Shir Tikvah Purim event receive one free pass on Yom Kippur for the sin of your choice!

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Raise Your Mask for Purim The Days of Purim can either fall on the 14th of Adar or the 15th of Adar, depending upon where you live. The reason for this is because the Jews of Shushan originally observed the festival on a different day than the Jews who lived elsewhere. In the other provinces the Jews waged war on the 13th and observed the 14th as a day of festivity and rejoicing. The Jews of Shushan waged war during the 13th and 14th of the month and observed the 15th as a day of festivity and rejoicing. Therefore, Purim celebrated on the 14th of Adar is called Purim of the Open Cities while Purim on the 15th of Adar is called Purim of the Walled Cities. In these days, the only city that has the status of Shushan and therefore celebrates Purim on the 15th is Jerusalem. In a

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Mitzvah Garden Meeting Scheduled

A group of volunteers from Bridgeport and Shir Tikvah congregations is forming to begin working with a homeless advocacy group called JOIN, with a chapter only a few blocks from Bridgeport, to create a community garden using the abundant spaces surrounding our house of worship.  We will share the garden, the gardening, and the harvest with homeless and recently housed neighbors in ways we are yet to discover. An informational meeting was held on Sunday, February, 27th and attended by an interesting collection of about 15 folks.  Many you have never met, but should.  Our next step is a brain-storming session, scheduled for Sunday, March 20, 12:30 p.m. at Bridgeport, to develop some specific goals for the garden, a calendar and other organizational tools – things we can do before the ground is ready to work. Two links you might find useful for more information on JOIN or inspiration on

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Make a Mitzvah Garden: Initial Meeting February 27 at 12:30 pm at BUCC

Every blade of grass has an angel hovering over it, whispering to it, “grow”.  – Rabbi Nakhman of Bratslav When is gardening a mitzvah? When it becomes a transformative human and communal act for the gardener. Join folks from our sister congregation, Bridgeport UCC (and meet our new roomies, Spiritus Abbey), as we invite our local homeless and recently housed neighbors to build relationships with us, with each other and with the good earth and that which grows from it. The local organization JOIN (see their site here), which works to create community links to keep people in housing, will work alongside us, facilitating and organizing our garden work. Know how to make things grow that are good to eat and lovely to see? Are you wiling to share that knowledge, and teach others? Come to a meeting Sunday February 27, 12.30pm at Bridgeport to plan our Mitzvah Garden. We’ll

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