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Support In these Uncertain Times

To all who have contacted us to offer their support in these uncertain times, we are grateful.    To be a Jew in these times is to suddenly find oneself a threatened minority once again, in this great country that we have cherished since her borders were first opened to our people. They were refugees, friendless and frightened, and the people of the United States of America welcomed them. Now within a lifetime the old sense of fear reasserts itself. With your help, we will overcome it; we will return strength for strength, encouragement for encouragement. We will stand with you as you with us, and together we will reach out to all who feel threatened in these dark days. Each of us, alone, is vulnerable; we must not leave each other alone. Hazak, hazak, v’nit’hazek, let us be strong, and let us strengthen each other,

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Put Not Your Faith in Polls

Shalom Shir Tikvah Community: Put not your faith in polls. It’s the modern version of the wisdom of the Psalms, telling us that we can’t pretend to predict the future, and any attempts to do so are merely our hope for safety and comfort in a chaotic world. Today dawns gray, and many of us are heartbroken and frightened. We did not elect the first woman president of the U.S. yesterday. What happened instead seems to some of us to be unimaginable. Those of us who process with the heart are sad and even immobilized; those of us who process with the mind are already imagining nightmares come true. What to do? how to get through this time? I offer you three pillars to hold up your world today: First, by looking within to find the pillars of the strength that you stand on in tough times. What are they?

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A Word About Jonah

A last bit of wisdom lingering from High Holy Days: Leslie Dolin’s d’var Torah about a runaway prophet, a giant fish and sackcloth.     The haftarah we will soon read, Jonah, comes as a welcome relief at this time of the day. An entertaining story to keep us awake on this long afternoon of fasting and prayer. A runaway prophet, a storm at sea, a giant fish, plants that grow and disappear overnight – lots of fun, and also lots of room for metaphorical interpretation. And of course, there is even Jonah’s very short prophecy, just a few words out of the whole story. Do you remember what the actual prophecy was?   As I read Jonah this year, I was particularly drawn to this prophecy. Chapter 3, where Jonah proclaims his prophecy and the people of Nineveh repent, is barely about Jonah.   Chapter 3 is only 10 lines

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High Holy Days 5777

ketivah v’hatimah tovah May you be written and sealed for a good year   MEMBERS: For our schedule of holidays services, click HERE. RSVP HERE with the number of family members and the services you will be attending. NON-MEMBERS: We are able to welcome you the following services: Rosh Hashanah Family Services – FULL October 3rd at 1:00 pm We are no longer taking reservations for this service. Tashlikh at Sellwood Waterfront Park October 3rd at 3:00 pm RSVP HERE Yom Kippur Family Services October 12th at 1:00 pm RSVP HERE Yom Kippur Afternoon and Break the Fast October 12th – Kirtan (Musaf) Service @ 3:00pm RSVP HERE

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Simkha Cycla-Thon 2016

A tribute ride for Gino Bartali Sunday, September 11 Longest rides start at 8 am Buxton Trailhead on the Banks-Vernonia State Trail Find out more and Register HERE From 1943 to 1944 a lone cyclist whizzed through the countryside of German-occupied central Italy, ostensibly training for races.  But concealed in the frame and handlebar of his bike were forged papers that the rider distributed to Jewish families hiding in houses and convents across the region. That daring courier was cycling legend Gino Bartali, a multiple winner of Tour de France and Giro d’Italia races, but also an athlete recognized as a Righteous Among the Nations, the honor given to gentiles who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust by the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.

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An Open Letter to Black Lives Matter leadership from a Jew

Dear Black Lives Matter leadership, I write from Portland Oregon, a small city in the Pacific North West with a history as racist as any and more than some, recently named by the Atlantic Magazine as the whitest city in America.  I am a Jew and a Rabbi, and I believe that my duty as the support and guide of a group of Progressive Jews in this city is to explore with them every opportunity to challenge racism and end it; this is how we understand our religious obligation to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with G*d” as our Prophet Micah put it once a long time ago. I write because I want to engage in meaningful dialogue and action with you – and that I am dismayed and demoralized in that desire by the choice made by the leadership of Black Lives Matter to endorse the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

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Tikkun Olam Shabbat

We need your helping hands on August 6th. After Shabbat services and a brown back lunch, we’ll be packing “Welcome Boxes” for foster children. Now, more than ever, we are aware of how many needs there are in the world. We often feel powerless to help. But this time of year, as we start to remember the destruction of our sacred Temple in Jerusalem, Shir Tikvah recognizes that each and every one of us can help repair the world. According to the non-profit Embrace Oregon, there are over 2,000 children currently in foster care in the Portland-metro area. They spend an average of 19 months in care. “Welcome Boxes” distributed by Embrace Oregon – full of toiletries, snacks and extras – can help them as they transition to new situations. Each box will also include hand-written notes of encouragement which may be the most important thing of all. This project was brought to

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RAIN LOCATION: Shabbat in the Park moved to Shir Tikvah

Due to heavy rain last night and impending rain later today, we’ve moved the Shabbat in the Park at Laurelhurst INDOORS! Bring your picnic, bring your blanket, bring your friends to the shul! (7550 NE Irving St.) L’Chaverim will start playing at 6 pm tonight. We’ve got room for picnicking and dancing. There will be ping pong and other fun downstairs!  

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Shir Tikvah’s Mensch Group

The new Shir Tikvah Mensch Group (Men’s Group) meets every other Wednesday at the shul, next on July 19, at 7:00 pm. (Yes, that’s a Tuesday. We have a mitzvah to do the Wednesday of that week.) The Mensch Group holds discussions centered on the previous Shabbat’s Haftarah portion. Check the Week’s Worth to find the reading. Contact Henry Werch for more information, or just come to the meeting!

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On Events in Orlando

Shir Tikvah stands with all who were affected by the shooting in Orlando. Wednesday Interfaith Vigil Central Lutheran Church 7:00 pm Thursday Pride NW’s and the Q Center’s Pre-Pride Vigil Q Center 7:00 PM EREV SHABBAT Kley Kodesh Kirtan Service With special prayers and songs for healing With J.D. Kleinke 6:30 Pm Sunday GAY PRIDE PARADE  Shir Tikvah marches with the Community of Welcoming Congregations. Line-up on NW 8th between Davis and Couch. The CWC group is #125 – line up by 11:30. There will be a Living Memorial set up on the Pride Festival grounds downtown to bring your flowers, write a prayer, leave a memento in honor of those who have died.  Rev. Nathan Meckley and Rabbi Deb Kolodny are creating this and this space be available for the duration of the Festival.   Several years ago, in the wake of a shooting at Reynolds High School, Rabbi Stone spoke forcefully about

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