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Our Community

Our Shir Tikvah community is strengthened each and every time an individual decides to participate. Whether it be volunteering for a committee or helping at a potluck, we all have something to offer. We all also stand to gain.

Our community pages hold information on a wide-range of activities here at Shir Tikvah. We hope you feel moved to come to an event, to lend a hand or to offer support in some other way. We know you’ll be glad you did.


Message from the Rabbi

A holy Jewish community is not simply made up of people who come to the same place to pray, but of people who recognize that the reality of community is interdependency.

An authentic Jewish community evokes a sense of God’s presence through the quality of each member’s caring for the welfare of others. ‘God’s holy presence is made real through tzedakah, justice.’  (Isaiah 5.16) Justice is a quality which can only be expressed in community.

No authentic Jewish search for self takes place in isolation, or in rejection of others, or outside of the community of meaning. According to Abraham Heschel,  ‘reflection alone will not procure self-understanding. The human situation is disclosed in the thick of living. In living, man relates himself actively to the world. Deeds are the language of living, articulating the uniqueness of  human being, the insights of being human. The decisive form of human being is human living.’

At every moment, we are balancing our existence between the sense of ourselves as individuals, with our individual responsibilities and perspectives which cannot be reduced to any generalization, and the real need we have for each other, physically, psychologically, and spiritually, if we would create ourselves as a kehillah kedoshah, a holy community.


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