A Progressive Jewish Congregation in Portland, Oregon
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Shir Tikvah prays together every erev Shabbat and Shabbat morning.

Our prayers are egalitarian – references to God are gender-neutral, and references to the Jewish people recognize the presence of both women and men in our past and our present.

Our prayers also recognize our link to our people’s culture and history, and include both Hebrew and English translations, and melodies from many different eras and cultures – Sefardi, Ashkenazi, Yemeni, Israeli, and even American Jewish summer camp tunes!

Sometime raucous, sometimes meditative, our holiday celebrations reflect the spirt of each particular festival.

In 2013, we proudly celebrated the completion and publishing of our own Shir Tikvah centric siddur. The event was well captured by Oregon Jewish Life Magazine: http://orjewishlife.com/congregation-unveils-one-kind-prayer-book/

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