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Sukkot & Simkhat Torah

Hevra at Sukkot

Sukkot Barbecue and Annual Meeting
September 23
3 – 7 pm

September 24
10 am Morning Tefillah

This Sukkot. . .

1. Share the Harvest. If you haven’t yet sent in a check to the OFB or brought a bag of food to services with you, you still can any time, right through the end of September.

2. Help Build and Decorate Shir Tikvah’s communal Sukkah
Sukkot is upon us only five days after the end of the High Holy Days – the annual fall celebration of the harvest, and, in Shir Tikvah minhag, apple pressing and apple cider consuming.

Our sukkah will be raised this year in the parking lot at Bridgeport. Join with us as we say the blessings for the sukkah and wave our lulav and etrog together. Bring skhakh*, bring a vegetarian dish, and bring a donation for the Food Bank!

*although skhakh, the roof of the sukkah, was originally all palm fronds, we NorthWest Jews use whatever works: corn stalks, bamboo, Doug fir branches, anything you can bring which is long.

3. Invite the Ushpizin, the Traditional Guests, to your sukkah. For more on the Ushpizin, click here.

4. Buy a lulav and etrog (locally sourced!) and use them for Hallel during Sukkot tefilot all week long. Contact the Shir Tikvah office to reserve yours by September 6!

Simkhat Torah
October 1st
7 pm Tefilah–Come join us in the celebration!
BYOB and a dairy dish to share.

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