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Shabbat Observances

“The Sabbath is the presence of God in the world, open to the soul of man.”
Abraham Joshua Heschel
Rabbi’s Shabbat Message
Erev Shabbat
Shabbat morning
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Rabbi’s Shabbat Message
Erev Shabbat
6:30 pm (main sanctuary)

Join us as we welcome the Sabbath in prayer and song. The particular style and leadership of our Friday night services rotate throughout the month, but our message is always the same. You are welcome to come in, take a deep breath and leave the week behind.

1st Fridays: Kabbalat Shabbat potluck dinners. We light candles, sing the blessings over wine and bread and share a relaxed meal. Guests are welcome and need not bring food. Contact our office if you’d like to RSVP.

2nd Fridays: Rabbi Ariel and musical guests lead services.

3rd Fridays:  Kley Kodesh, our kirtan style tefilah.

4th Fridays: Members of our community lead services.

5th Friday of the month:  Shir Tikvah celebrates Erev Shabbat at Home (no services on-site). Shabbat at Home Guide

Members of our community also lead services at the Robison Home at 7:00 pm. Contact our office if you would like to be part of this important mitzvah.

Shabbat morning Torah Study
9:00am (downstairs) – Our basement is not currently ADA accessible. There is a staircase of 8 steps down.

Every Shabbat morning, between 35 and 50 people gather to consider the parashat hashavua (the Torah reading of the week). Adults of all ages and backgrounds go through the reading verse by verse to unearth the meaning of our sacred text and its continuing relevance to our lives today.  Shir Tikvah was founded on Torah Study and it remains at the center of our congregational life.

If you have a copy of a Torah Commentary (ideally with Hebrew and translation), please bring it to follow along with us. If you don’t have one, we’ll be happy to share one of ours.

Shir Tikvah provides the coffee, members sign-up to bring bagels and cream cheese.  We’d love to welcome you to the conversation.

Shabbat Morning service
10:30am (main sanctuary)

On Shabbat morning we join in traditional Jewish prayer themes. Some of us are have a long love affair with the prayers and others are just learning. All are welcomed as we immerse ourselves in the riches of Jewish prayer: meditation, song, celebration, sorrow, memory and community. We encounter all these themes as we make our way informally and comfortably through the traditional morning prayers, with Shabbat additions, and with holy day changes and additions when appropriate. Prayer melodies range from those that will help you find your place in any shul anywhere in the world, to those which one of our regulars learned and taught to the rest of us. Sometimes there’s a baby naming or a travel blessing, sometimes a child is called to the Torah for the first time, and sometimes it’s just us, checking in weekly on each other.

Second Saturday of the Month:


Check the Calendar for more details.


Page numbers refer to the Congregation Shir Tikvah Siddur.

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Kedusha (p. 105) – Alex Eidman

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