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Shabbat Observances

Erev Shabbat
6:30 pm (main sanctuary)
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  • 1st and 4th Friday of the month: Erev Shabbat service
  • 2nd Fridays of the month: Kley Kodesh, our kirtan style tefilah. This call-and-response type prayer has its roots in Hindu tradition.
  • 3rd Friday of the month: Kabbalat Shabbat potluck dinners. Celebrate the beginning of the Sabbath as we would at home. Forgoing the traditional Friday night service, we light candles, sing the blessings over wine and bread and share a relaxed meal.
  • 5th Friday of the month:  Robison Home 7:00pm or Erev Shabbat at home
  • Shabbat at Home Guide by Rabbi Ariel
Shabbat morning Torah Study
9:00am (downstairs)*
  • Adults of all ages and backgrounds gather to unearth the meaning of our sacred text and its continuing relevance to our lives today.  We were founded on Torah Study and it remains at the center of our congregational life. Shir Tikvah provides the coffee, members sign-up to bring bagels and cream cheese.
  • We often have a full house, so plan a few extra minutes to get settled if you are a guest.
  • Please bring a Torah commentary if you have one. (We have extra copies if you need one.)
Shabbat Morning service
10:30am (main sanctuary)
Second Saturday of the Month (except July and August):
  • Shabbat Storytime (for our youngest members and their families) @ 9:45 am
  • Junior Minyan (for our b’nai mizvah students) @ 10:30 am


*Please note: Our downstairs space doesn’t meet current ADA standards for accessibility. There is a staircase of about 8 steps down.

Check the Calendar for more details.

Shabbat Music

Page numbers refer to the Congregation Shir Tikvah Siddur.

Shokheyn Ad (p. 88-89)
HaKol Yodukha ( p. 91) – Alex Eidman
Mi Kamokha (p. 101) – Alex Eidman
Kedusha (p. 105) – Alex Eidman

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