Monday, August 28
11:00 am, Terry Shrunk Federal Plaza
Rabbi Ariel Stone invites you to join her if you are able to march in defense of  justice. Bring a shofar if you have one, for we will be sounding the alarm. Wear a tallit or kippah. 

There will be a march in Washington DC called by people of faith, called 1000 Ministers March for Justice  This march protests the unjust acts of the current administration and its department of justice. They will rally at the status of Dr Martin Luther King Jr and proceed to the Department of Justice building.

We in Portland join with cities around the nation to hold our own gatherings at the same time. Our gathering of peoples of faith will begin at the Federal Schrunk Plaza. After an opening prayer, the march will proceed silently past the Multnomah County Courthouse, the US Federal Court where immigration cases are brought, the World Trade Center, the Portland Police Bureau, and the ICE offices.
And please go to the Facebook page for the Clergy and People of Faith March for Justice and indicate that you are going – we need over 200 in order to close the streets.  If you are unable to join us, please like our event and pass it along to your contacts.
Let this Elul of 5777 be for you a time when you seek atonement, in the sense of at-one-ment, with your own soul by reaching beyond it. Whether at next Monday’s march or through other acts of justice, may you feel the self-sustaining power that strengthening others brings. After all, sometimes our own wholeness can only come about when we’re focussed on someone else’s, and in realizing that the reward of the mitzvah is in knowing you fulfilled the mitzvah, the sacred obligation to uphold life and its meaning.