Our children aren’t the only ones with
opportunities to learn with Shir Tikvah!

Jewish Fabric Arts: Sunday Nov. 16 and Dec. 14, 11am at the Nashira Project, plus two classes dates/times TBD. Contact the Shir Tikvah office for more information, or ask Leslie Dolin when you see her at shul. Because of the location, this event is members only.

Ever wanted to make your own tallit, or learn more about the ancient Israelite craft of weaving? Did you know that it was weaving women who provided roof of the Mishkan our ancestors used to seek G-d’s presence? Join us for a series of classes that will be part history, part hands-on, and all fascinating.

First two classes: at the Nashira Project with Rabbi Ariel Stone
* how to weave a Mishkan
* ancient Israelite fabric creation and dyeing processes
* the meaning and Jewish tradition behind tallit

After that: class with Leslie Dolin instructing; time and location to be determined by the participants who continue
* learn the symbolism of tallit: fabric, color and tzitzit
* coordinate with fabric artist Leslie Dolin to learn how to, and be guided through, the creation of your own unique tallit, using fabrics with personal meaning. You can work on your tallit between classes, or after classes are over.

This class is sponsored by Avodat Yad (“…the work of our hands”.)