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Minhagim (Customs) for the High Holy Days

Rosh HaShanah
1. wear white
2. on Rosh HaShanah day, wear your tallit
3. wish others a Shanah Tovah Tikateyvu (May you be written for a good year) or a Good Yom Tov
4. eat something with honey on it as a sign for a sweet year
5. hear the shofar (if you can’t make it to shul, email us and we’ll arrange to have a shofar brought to you to hear)
Ten Days of Awe
During the week between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur it is traditional to consider one’s actions, and to seek forgiveness from others when we realize we’ve wronged them. If you specifically ask someone for forgiveness, and you are sincere, if it should happen that the other does not forgive you, you are quit of the sin, and it now belongs to them.
It is not a good custom to say to someone “if I have hurt you in any way, please forgive me.” We do not improve our behavior unless we face it specifically.
it is a custom to visit the graves of loved ones, and to give tzedakah in their memory, during this time.
Yom Kippur
1. wear white
2. wear your tallit during the evening as well as the day
3. we do not eat, nor drink, nor wash, nor wear perfume, nor wear comfortable shoes
*if you have a health condition and cannot fast, and are required to eat, you must do so – but not in the sanctuary! We will have a separate area for you to leave your food and/or drink
*at Shir Tikvah many of us go barefoot
4. wish others a Shanah Tovah Tekhateymu (may you be sealed for a good year) or G’mar Tov or Good Yom Tov!

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