This is the time of year when we study the book of Deuteronomy, which places the Israelites at the edge of the Promised Land. Moses reviews the laws, reminding them where they’ve come from in preparation for where they are ultimately headed. The people cannot cross the River Jordan without having a set of guiding principles in hand.

Members of Shir Tikvah’s Steering Committee and staff sat down on Sunday to fine-tune concrete goals for the next three years. Three sub-committees (one each for member engagement, programming, and finance) worked on plans to strengthen cohesion, consistency, and communication in our holy community.


Looking back at what has been successful in the past and also forward to new challenges we might face, we recognize that Shir Tikvah is made up of a special group of people. We are committed to deepening our relationships, as well as improving opportunities for prayer, connection and learning.  Thanks for being a part of it.