Read at the Counter Protest to the fascist rally in downtown Portland on August 4th:


Friends, comrades all, I greet you with appreciation and with love.

I am unable to be with you this day, for on the seventh day we Jews believe we are commanded to cease from the activities of our week, and to offer that day up to G*d as a gift of thanks for the gift of life.

But know that I am with you with all my heart and spirit on this day.

Once again, those of us who are able and those of us who care are called forth to stand up and to proclaim that hatred, bigotry and violence are unacceptable on the streets of Portland Oregon.

Once again we must rise up to declare that we will not allow bigotry to be bused in.

We will not be silent when hatred is imported to our streets.

We will not stand idly by the blood of our neighbor when violence we have not invited comes to our neighborhood.

It is difficult to respond to hatred without hating.

It is easy to answer violence with equal violence.

On this day of prayer for me, my prayer for you, my beloved comrades, is that you are able to stand against hatred without giving way to it.

May you be safe in the face of uninvited violence.

May your courage be picked up by the media, and may your stance of protection for Portland be respected by those who do not stand with you.

May Portland Oregon become the Sanctuary City we should be, and may our actions this day bring us closer to a time of peace for all Portland, and for all the United States.


Rabbi Ariel Stone
Congregation Shir Tikvah
Portland Interfaith Clergy Resistance