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Support In these Uncertain Times

To all who have contacted us to offer their support in these uncertain times, we are grateful. 
To be a Jew in these times is to suddenly find oneself a threatened minority once again, in this great
country that we have cherished since her borders were first opened to our people. They were refugees,
friendless and frightened, and the people of the United States of America welcomed them.
Now within a lifetime the old sense of fear reasserts itself.
With your help, we will overcome it; we will return strength for strength, encouragement for encouragement.
We will stand with you as you with us, and together we will reach out to all who feel threatened in these dark days.
Each of us, alone, is vulnerable; we must not leave each other alone.
Hazak, hazak, v’nit’hazek, let us be strong, and let us strengthen each other,

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