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Tu b’Shevat Potluck Seder, Wednesday, January 15, 6:30 pm

Do you know about Tu b’Shevat? Want to learn more about the New Year for trees? Join us for a vegetarian potluck seder as we celebrate our beautiful world.

The Tu B’Shevat Seder marks the New Year for trees. Using a ritual created by Jewish mystics in Sefat five hundred years ago, we celebrate the physical world that sustains us in its infinite variety with songs, poetry and ritual. Four glasses of wine symbolize states of existence, seven species of produce recall Israelite harvests, and doing it all on a cold winter evening encourages us to look for hints of spring. All are welcome to gather for this ideal holiday for environmentally aware, tree-hugging Oregonian Jews. Come and discover the ancient Jewish sources that speak to your ecological ethics and conservationist proclivities.

Our Tu b’Shvat seder – which includes original music composed at Shir Tikvah just for this holiday – will be followed by a pot luck supper featuring the seven sacred varieties of fruits and grains which represent Israel’s fertility.  Please feel free to invite guests – this seder is a great way to introduce non-members to one of the many fun and interesting ways we celebrate our Jewish heritage and values at Shir Tikvah!

Please RSVP at GrapeVine, and bring a vegetarian dish to share at the potluck. We will provide regular and white grape juice; if you would rather have wine, please bring your own–but bring both red and white because we will consume them!

Here are some guidelines for dishes to bring:

                Last names A-F : dairy or vegetarian main dish or salad containing barley or figs

                Last names G-L: dairy or vegetarian main dish or salad containing wine, grapes and/or pomegranates.

                Last names M-R: dessert featuring or containing honey

                Last names S-Z: bread and olives

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