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Erev Shavuot at Congregation Neveh Shalom.
Morning services here at shul – bring a dairy nosh to share.

May 30th    7:30 pm – 12 am at Congregation Neveh Shalom
Interfaith Torah Shavuot Exploration – Esteemed scholars and clergy of different religions will give various talks about how the Torah centered principles of kindness, civility and caring; conversation & dialog and mutual responsibility find expression in their faiths and traditions. Rabbi Ariel will be on a panel at 10:00 pm.
June 1 @ 10:00 am at Congregation Shir Tikvah
Hear the Aseret haDibrot, the ‘Ten Utterances,’ sing the Festival Hallel, and remember our beloved dead with Yizkor. It’s traditionally a dairy holiday – think blintzes, kugel, and yes, ice cream; bring your favorite dairy dish to share (we’ll provide the plates and forks).

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