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Shabbat shalom – Shabbat B’Haalot’kha: The Light That Reveals You

Shalom Shir Tikvah Learning Community, The parashat hashavua (Torah parashah for the week) begins with G-d’s command to the High Priest, Moshe’s brother Aharon: “When you raise [b’haalot’kha] light in the lamps, they shall be lit so as to illuminate the face of the menorah” (Numbers 8:2). If you remember that this was a menorah not of candles but of oil lamps, it becomes easier to understand this instruction. The menorah is standing against the wall of the Mishkan, and the oil lamp upon the top of each branch should be situated so that the wick end is toward the front of the menorah, away from the wall. This may simply be good fire-prevention advice, but of course our tradition sees the possibility of deeper meaning in these words. Consider: The Jewish creation story does not describe a conquering and destroying of darkness in order to create light; rather, light

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