Rabbi Ariel’s Kol Nidre 5776 Drash

Kol Nidre 5776: Where We Stand One of my favorite poems is by an Israeli author named Zelda. I like to use it for baby-naming rituals. In part, it reads: Each of us has a name given by the stars and given by our neighbors What is our name? When we were created, we were named Congregation Shir Tikvah, “song of hope”. But what is the name given by the stars – and what is the name given by our neighbors? On erev Rosh HaShanah I asked us to consider where we stand as a congregation, and who is standing – who are we, and what are we about in the greater Jewish community. What is our reputation? What is our impact? One way to judge one’s impact is by listening for the name “given by our neighbors”. Years ago, I arrived at a reserved pavilion at Skidmore Park one

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