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Eastside Jewish Commons Update

Dear Eastside Jewish Commons Community, It’s been a busy summer for the Eastside Jewish Commons. Over the last three months, we took an extensive look at one possible property—a historic building with a lot of potential. Our architects evaluated short term and longer term costs as well as zoning restrictions. We also involved in the due diligence process a number of current and potential investors in the Commons. In addition we involved our community Partnership Panel, which includes 14 community organizations. After evaluating all of the information about this property as well as the feedback from the many stakeholders, we have decided to expand our property search. In particular, we need to make sure there is a strong alignment between the EJC community-identified service priorities and the zoning, size, cost, and long-term sustainability of the property we eventually select. We have learned a lot through the due diligence process. We have

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Commons Questions and Answers

Shir Tikvah hosted community meetings in April to discuss our involvement in the Eastside Jewish Commons (EJC). More than 20 Shir Tikvah members attended each meeting and all of them had questions. Here are the answers, compiled in one place:  EJC Community Meetings Q&A

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Shir Tikvah and Its Space

 A Snapshot Chronology 2002: Shir Tikvah is founded. 2003: Shir Tikvah is incorporated. Torah Study and Services are held in various venues. Operations are often handled in homes of the Founders. 2005 – 11: Four separate venues are leased for Shir Tikvah operations: Torah Study/Services, office space, Nashira Project, adult education offerings. 2007-11: Doubling of initial membership to 130. Nashira Project moves from Fulton Community Center to Mittleman Jewish Community Center and again to the Emerson School. 2011: World Café/Atid – visioning of Congregational needs including space. Determination: Four separated spaces were both inadequate and inefficient. 2011-13: Nashira Project moves to Tucker Maxon school. Bayit Committee formed to address space needs. Bayit consolidates space for Rabbi and staff at Bridgeport and invests in improvements. Bayit financial analysis regarding feasibility for new/larger space. Bayit searches for new shared space that would meet the following criteria: Religiously neutral (no Christian iconography) Affordable

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