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On Jewishness and Dirt

Along with his partner Ilana Rose Cloud, author Jonathan Strunin owns and operates Tuv Ha’aretz Portland, Portland’s Jewish Farm Box program, bringing local sustainable produce and Jewish food to Portland Last week, I found myself in a common position: knees on the ground, hands dipped in soil, showing small children how to plant leeks, potatoes and tomatoes. Around me was a dizzying chaos of happy preschoolers and parents looking for beetles and worms and ants, smelling and tasting plants, and generally getting a good dose of life in the dirt. So it was striking to me when, not once but twice, adults refused to shake my soil-covered hands. I get it, especially as one of these adults was a community leader and very put together – you don’t want to get your nice clothes dirty sometimes. But it got me thinking about what being “Jewish” means to me. Let me explain.

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