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LGBTQ Mission to Israel

This spring, in the week leading up to Tel Aviv Pride (May 26 – June 2), Jewish Federations from across North America will host an LQBTQ mission to Israel. Not only will participants visit Israel as one community, they will also build new and lasting relationships through the power of shared experience. We believe that participation in this mission will also lead to greater engagement in your local congregations, federations, and community organizations. Highlights will include: Meeting prominent Israeli LGBTQ activists, artists, businesspeople and politicians, including LGBTQ MKs from Likud to Meretz, and an openly gay member of the Tel Aviv City Council. Discussing transgender rights, the challenges the community faces in North America and in Israel, and LGBTQ issues among Orthodox groups. Meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and enjoying a private concert with Israeli pop star Ivri Lider. Experiencing the extraordinary work of JFNA’s partner agencies— The Joint

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Talking about the way we talk about Israel

Friday, January 23 at 5:45 pm Ben Murane, Northwest Director of Outreach at the New Israel Fund, will share stories of the good work being done by the good organizations which constitute half of Israel’s citizenship – stories that don’t make the news. As part of our ongoing exploration of how we as American Jews relate to Israel, we seek to learn from those who have first hand experience, as we choose our own thoughtful steps in the midst of the passion that the subject inspires. Join us on erev Shabbat  to learn from Ben Murane, the New Israel Fund North West Director of Outreach. Shir Tikvah has committed to bringing you different opportunities to learn about Israel in an atmosphere of makhloket, “sacred arguing”, in which we take care not only with our facts, but are also careful to share them respectfully and to listen mindfully.

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Shabbat Noakh: Sometimes It Floods

Sometimes life comes at you faster than you can thoughtfully respond. In our parashat hashavua one person, Noakh, suddenly discovers that his world is going to end in a great flood of water that will cover the earth as far as he knows it to exist. He builds a giant boat as he is directed by G-d, and he and his family are saved from the death that meets the rest of humankind, and also many animals. Our tradition finds fault with him, based upon a close reading of Genesis 6.9: “Noakh was righteous in his generation.” The Rabbis asked of this verse, what kind of compliment is that? His generation is so wicked that G-d blots them out….They point to Abraham, who, when G-d announced the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra, insisted that G-d distinguish between guilty and innocent. Noakh, on the other hand, when news of the flood

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