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The Mitzvah of Ma’ot Hittin

As we prepare ourselves spiritually and physically for Pesakh, it is Shir Tikvah’s minhag to consider a short weekly teaching on a central focus of the holy day to come. One of the most important lines in the Pesakh Seder is kol dikhfin yeytey v’yekhol, “let all who are hungry come and eat”. While some of us worry about which grains or what grains or no grains in our diets, there are some who go without against their will. It is an ancient Jewish ethic to ensure that all have what they need to celebrate the Festival of Freedom. We fulfill the mitzvah ofMa’ot Hittin, “money for wheat”, by donating to support the effort to get matzah into every Jew’s hands for the Seder. For many years Shir Tikvah has participated in our Jewish community’s Ma’ot Hittin collection both by donating money and by packing boxes. Find out more HERE. We can’t

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