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Adult Education Opportunities

JUDAISM AND GENDER WITH RABBI ARIEL STONE 10 Mondays at PSU Jan 4 – Mar 7, 2:00-4:50pm To register or audit click here. This course will explore aspects of gender definition and function as they are developed by ancient Jewish holy texts. How ancient Middle Eastern and Greek cultures influenced ideas and tendencies upon the most central texts of Western moral teachings will be explored.    ST Members may audit free of charge.     FLORENCE MELTON SCHOOL OF ADULT JEWISH LEARNING A full range of classes and registration information  can be found HERE.  Recommended for all those looking to deepen their understanding of their place in the Jewish people those who’ve chosen Judaism, those who’ve returned as adults, and those non-Jews who help to raise Jewish children. Rabbi Ariel will be teaching the course on Mysticism and Kabbalah that begins at Shir Tikvah in February. A minimum of 15 students is required

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Melton Winter Classes at Shir Tikvah

This Winter at Shir Tikvah 2 New Melton Spotlight Classes! Troubling Texts of the Torah with Jan Rabinowitch Thursdays, Jan. 9-Feb 4, 7:00-8:15 p.m., 5 sessions, at Shir Tikvah, $90 The Tanakh contains some troubling texts, troubling because they contradict themselves, contain content that goes against 21st century sensibilities, or violate long-cherished ideas about what the Bible says. A close reading of the stories can leave us scratching our heads: what’s up with the account of 74 people not only “seeing” but picnicking with God? What was Lot really doing with his daughters in the story of Sodom if not handing them over to be raped? Did Hagar and Ishmael have any legal rights? What’s the devastating conclusion to the Akedah that we refuse to recognize? Why did God prefer Abel’s offering and what did Cain say to his brother before killing him? And really, exactly how many pairs of

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