Makelah is Back

    AND YOU’RE INVITED! 7:15-8:15 pm at the synagogue If you like to sing, this group is for you. Do you have to sing well? No! Do you have to read Hebrew or music? No! Do you have to want to sing with other people (as opposed to, say alone in the shower or in your car)? Yes! Leora Troper and Tivona Reith will be tag-team leading this very informal singing group. Come and learn new folk, liturgical and other kinds of songs in Hebrew, as well as some of the new melodies for Shabbat morning davening. A note on the leaders: Tivona and Leora come from charmingly different backgrounds and experience, both musically and Jewishly. You may notice this in their choices for songs to teach and sing. They both feel strongly that variety is the spice of life. No age limit, although an ability to read in

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