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High Holy Days 5777

ketivah v’hatimah tovah May you be written and sealed for a good year   MEMBERS: For our schedule of holidays services, click HERE. RSVP HERE with the number of family members and the services you will be attending. NON-MEMBERS: We are able to welcome you the following services: Rosh Hashanah Family Services – FULL October 3rd at 1:00 pm We are no longer taking reservations for this service. Tashlikh at Sellwood Waterfront Park October 3rd at 3:00 pm RSVP HERE Yom Kippur Family Services October 12th at 1:00 pm RSVP HERE Yom Kippur Afternoon and Break the Fast October 12th – Kirtan (Musaf) Service @ 3:00pm RSVP HERE

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Yom Kippur 5775: Shabbat Shabbaton, the “Mother of all Shabbatot”

The human being is a messenger who forgot the message. – Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel This evening at sundown begins Yom Kippur, a Shabbat like no other. It is called Shabbat Shabbaton, the “Shabbat of Shabbatot” – we might call it “the Mother of all Shabbatot.” (ShabbatOHT is the plural of Shabbat.) The concept of a shabbat shabbaton is also applied to the Shemitta year, which we have just begun. I will have more on that for you when we reach Sukkot. For now, suffice to say that the shemitta year is a year when the Land of Israel is supposed to have a Shabbat from being worked – no sowing seed, no manipulation at all of the soil. We are to eat only what the land itself will give of its own accord, and in that way to “revert” to a “more natural” relationship with the land – without

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