Shir Tikvah Celebrates Our Bat Mitzvah Year

As we prepare to mark our bat mitzvah, Congregation Shir Tikvah is excited to partner with other members of Portland’s Jewish community to offer opportunities  to learn about and properly care for sacred materials no longer in use.


Lecture by Oren Kosansky, Rabat Genizah Project

May 6

Prof. Oren Kosansky spoke on  “Hidden Treasures: Lives and After lives of Jewish Texts,” in which he described his work with Jewish communities in Morocco.  In this talk, Dr. Kosansky considered the origins of the practice of placing worn texts in a Genizah, how this practice is an expression of the Moroccan Jews integrate the materials and spiritual experience of Jewish texts, and thought with Shir Tikvah about its approach to the genizah experience.

Genizah b’Karka: Burial of Sacred Texts

May 31, 11am at River View Cemetery Main Building
0300 SW Taylors Ferry Road (DIRECTIONS HERE)

Bring your unusable sacred texts to River View Cemetery. Use the Main Entrance to meet at the Main Building. Please wrap your materials in a brown paper bag. Join us in a short ritual in which we reflect on our special relationship with the written and printed Hebrew word, and on the transitory nature of even our most cherished sacred objects.

Acceptable items:
Books and photocopied materials that include the Name of G-d.
No longer usable ritual objects, such as prayer shawls, tefillin, mezuzot.

Congregation Shir Tikvah and its co-sponsors offer this Jewish public service free of charge to the community; however, donations to cover the costs of burial are gratefully accepted from those who are able.

Our co-sponsors for this event are:

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And the Jewish Cemetery at River View